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What is with all this Christo-crap? Why do people always have to bring religion into this? If Xtians were to ACTUALLY READ their oh-soooo-holy Bible, they would come to realise several truths(maybe). 1) The Bible is NOT the inerrant "word of god" that they believe it is. Just look at all the contradictions in the book itself, plus all the variations to be found when comparing different versions/translations. 2) Many of the Bible's prophecies were and are patently false (as proven by history). Just take a look at Paul's predictions that there were people living in his(Paul's) own time that would not die but would be "caught up to be with Lord" in the clouds where they would be with Jesus forevermore. Or, how about Jesus' own claims in the gospels that Pontius Pilate would still be alive (he died 2000 years ago) when he(Pontius Pilate) would see "the Son Of Man(Jesus) come again on the clouds in great power and glory". In other words, Jesus was saying that he would return DURING PONTIUS PILATE'S LIFETIME. Let me fill ya all in on a little secret, IT NEVER HAPPENED... You whacko right-wing religio-nut jobs need to wake up to reality and get a life!
Larry  Falzitto
Good God in Heaven! What have we Americans done?!! George Bush, Mr. 666 re-elected? He should never have been allow to even run! Doesn't any conservatives that call themselves Christians read their Bible prophecies, especially Revelation 13 anymore? Maybe they don't know how to 'count the number of the beast' but they should be able to SEE through his deceitful, lying, unchristianlike behavior and he's forcing fascistlike policies on us! P.S. George (6) Walker (6) BushJr.(6) also turned 666 months old in December of 2001, the first year he came to power! No wonder he did nothing to save the Christian freedom fighters in Sudan, but let them be slaughtered by Marxist guerillas!

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