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Geraldine Hunt
The next truth that needs to be told, is that Iraq already had a constitution. In fact I found two constitutions, one was "The Constitution of Iraq 1925, and the interum Constitution of Iraq under Sadaam. There were several Constitution found for Afganastan dating back to 1919, and various changes made in 1926, 1963, and 1975, eleminating the King, and ownership of land. So why did we Americans have to send so much money over there to change their constitution. We have yet to learn how to follow our own constitution, and respect the constitutional right of our citizens. Changing their(Iraq and Afganastan) constitution will allow their land to be exploited, and taken away from them. The people in the Middle East may not know their history, just as we Americans only know what historians chose to write about our history. The MEDIA controls the airways and what people are made aware of, is the only thing that is real as far as they are concerned(not the truth that is hidden from the public). Mankind keeps marching to the tune of the wrong drummer. Democratic elections have been made a farce, because of the media's ability to shape public opinion towards the distruction of mankind's own best interest.

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