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Agent Orange
Anthrax Assassins: Check-out the background of a William Patrick Hitler (aka. William “Bill” Patrick?), who may have appeared on NOVA (PBS) to help increase the fear of Anthrax attacks in about 2001 or 2002. William Patrick Hitler is known to be a nephew of Adolph Hitler, who was raised in Liverpool, England, and had no German accent. (See: Wikipedia, etc.) Born in 1911 in Liverpool. A British Citizen. Wrote: "Why I hate My Uncle" for Look Magazine in about 1939. Entered the U.S. by invitation from William Randolph Hearst in 1939. Enlisted at age 33 in the US Navy as a Medical Doctor (and a Secret German Spy). Made a very successful living testing blood samples, later. Change his last name from "Hitler" to "Houston-Stuart" sometime after WWII. [Dr. William "Bill" Patrick retired from the Ft. Detrick Biological Weapons Research team in about 1986 (@ age 75) and bragged about the projects, after the Anthrax attacks, that killed some of the Neo-Con's enemies.] But, did William Patrick (Hitler) Stuart-Huston die in 1987? Or, is he now 95 years old, and changed his name, afterwords to William C. Patrick III? Or, the NOVA featured Dr. William C. Patrick III may be the oldest son of William Patrick (Hitler) Stuart-Houston, who is believed to have died in an automobile accident, before joining the Neo-Nazi CIA or the FBI Neo-Nazi Section. And, was "Dr. Bill I" the perfect spy, “Five Fingers”, in WWII? Or, was he hired by Allen Dulles, who was "Five Fingers", and who hired other, loyal WWII Nazis to work for the Neo-Nazi CIA teams?

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